Audi Sound plus - English

"Audi Sound plus" is an aftermarket Soundsystem
for the Audi TT 8J and the A3 8P

Audi Sound plus - pure Emotion?

Audi want to know this exactly, and launched a great competition!

On their Homepage in the first Step they searched some candidates, which could qualify through a creative application as an Testdriver for the Audi aftermarket Soundsystem. But only 20 test drivers. From over 300 applications.

These 20 Testdrivers got a Audi TT over a long weekend provided. As a Testdriver you have to test (based on the Tour that you have to describe in the application) the TT Aftermarket-Soundsystem that consists 2 new woofers, 2 other tweeters, an amplifier and an insulation of doors.

But this is not the actual competition!

After the Test, the Testdriver must deliver an Experience Report.

What did you do with the Car, what with the Soundsystem, where has the System its Strengths?

This Experience Report has to be creative at the same time, of course, demonstrate the Quality of the System and convey emotions.

The best 3 reviews win an Audi Driving Experience worth € 800-2000.

I was selected as one of the Testdrivers, and could convince me from 11th to 14th in October 2013 about the Quality of the Soundsystem in an Daytonagrey Audi TT 2.0 TFSI Coupé with Quattro and S-Tronic.

I want to show you in this blog my Impressions of the Audi sound plus -Soundsytem, ​​and show you what I have experienced over the 4 days.

Update Dec13:
This Experience-Report won the Place!

Day 1: First Impressions

The vehicle handover:

A long day ended!

This morning I went with an unusual Vehicel in Direction of Ingolstadt.
I went by train to collect the Audi sound plus Testcar.
The EC113 in Stuttgart was 18 minutes late, so I could not get my Connecting-Train from Augsburg to Ingolstadt.
I had one hour, so I stood in Augsburg and sweetened the time with a large Cappuccino.

By 14 clock I arrived (after 5 hours of total travel time) at the Piazza in front of the Audi Forum.

And there it was:

It is a Daytona Grey 2.0 TFSI Quattro with DSG, a Coupé. With all the trimmings, even the Navigation plus. And of course with Audi sound plus.

I got an introduction into the new Soundsystem, the Explanation of the Vehicle could be saved in my case, because I have myself the second TT at the moment.

In the Testvehicle it´s a switch to turn the Audi sound system on and off. After a cuple of technical Details, we have a first listen to the System....

First sound experience:
  ... and hear a sample with the Audi sound plus test CD (Best of stockfish).
Immediately came a WOW!
The difference between standard and Audi sound plus is immediately audible.

The whole System sounds noticeably finer and more precise. The bass is rich and deep down, deep bass is better than with the BOSE system, which I know from my 2 TTs.
It locates the music not from the speakers, no, you get a real Theater feeling!

While i drove home I heard a number of different titles, switching a little bit to the tone controls.

The first conclusion of the System: thumbs up!

A clear improvement for Vehicles which has normally the Standard-Sound (Chorus/Concert). And also a credit to the compilation of the CD.

With the Car, i had not that fun, because of heavy evening traffic near Stuttgart, but the next Day will be different!

Early I will start with the a bigger Tour.
On the winding Roads of the Black Forest in South Germany, I will experience the Audi TT and Sound plus, and certainly can shoot some nice pictures for the further review.
In Addition, a Number of qualified Testers (my Audi-TT-Friends) can here the quality of Audi Sound plus on that Black-ForesTTour.

Day 2: Soundcheck I

The Tour:

On special weekend, with a special car, you have to choose a particularly nice route!

So I decided to try the Audi sound plus in an Tour with my friends of
With 9 AUDI TT we went up in the Black Forest.

From the meeting point we drove through Baiersbronn, Freudenstadt and Schramberg, then to St.Märgen, where we had our accommodation.
We drove completely over land, often on small and narrow winding roads, just where the TT and the driver feel most comfortable

It was foggy and cold, but at least it was not raining. Too bad: The view was limited, but not the fun of Driving.
We made some short breaks, which I could use to inform my colleagues and some passersby about Audi Sound plus, and conduct sound checks ...
Also I changed my passengers, so that they can test the Quality and the difference of Audi sound system plus and the Standardsound, while the trip.

The day ended, after dinner we sat until after midnight in our accommodation, and jabbered about the TT, about Tires and Audi Sound plus.

Audi Sound plus:
With all the sound checks during the day, first impressions were confirmed by Friday!
The Sound with Audi Sound plus is also more "full" and like more Space, not easy to Explain.
There is everything, that you missed with the Original-Sound, unless you want a rolling-Disco.
The System is absolutely Top Quality and also very stable levels, provided a good quality recordings.
The worse the mp3-Quality, the lower is the difference between standard and Audi Sound plus.
In fact, I led the most sound checks by using the included test CD, the first Song "No Sanctuary Here" by Chris Jones is really awesome!
But from Pop over Softrock to "Hells Bells" by AC/DC we heard everything on the new System, whether from CD, SD-Card or Radio.

Day 3: Sound Check II

The Tour:

On Sunday morning we drove in bright Sunshine and Temperatures about 1 degree from St.Märgen to the Titisee, then and Feldberg and Todtnau. We saw the first Snow this Autumn!
From there we went back to the North, pass the very nice an Kinzigtal to Freiburg. We drove back through Freudenstadt and then climb over Calw to the End at Heimsheim.
How quickly such a Tour is told, but the Impressions are hard to describe.
In 4 days Audi sound plus
I have experienced things, that you can hardly put into words.

Expressed in figures, I drove about 1500km.
Drove 500km by Train, 500km on the Highway and 500km winding small Roads with felt 5000 curves. I burned about 100 liters of Gas, I heard 5000 times the S-Tronic popping through the gears, and all accompanied by the Audi Sound plus.

To share these Impressions with you, I have created a small Video.

Audi Sound plus:
Also on Sunday, I've done a few more Soundchecks.
All Riders and Testpersons were convinced by the System, not just the richer bass we were talking about, but also the really good, but not intrusive heights. The Stagefeeling is absolutely there, the whole System sounds lively.

Some of the TT experts who currently have installed the System Chorus or Concert, had obtained information about the price, and it complains that the installation costs are not specified.

Here are the reviews of some Testpersons:

-Sebastian, 26 Years

Audi TT 8J with Concert

-hears Popmusic

-Grade B

-Joerg, 41 years

Audi TT 8J with Chorus


-Grade B/C

Claus, 46 years

Seat Leon with Soundupgrade

-Listening Softrock

-Grade B

-Bernd, 59 years

Audi TT 8N with Concert

only Hard & Heavy

-Grade C

Frank, 46 years, Car Hi-Fi-Fan

Audi TT 8J with Soundupgrade

-Listening Pop & Rock

-Grade B

-Erich, age unknown

-TTRS with Concert

Mixed Music

Grade A

Rolf, 52 years

TT 8J TDI with Concert

Mixed Music

rates A/B

-Sabrina, 29 years

Golf 5

-Listening Pop & Bon Jovi

-Grade A

-Me, Holger, 40 years

Audi TT 8J with BOSE

hear Anything

-Grade B
My conclusion:
"Audi Sound plus" in the AUDI TT = pure Emotion!!!